Where's web site design and development, then there's TechSoft,inc. web site design and development - the seamless integration of a Web site's information architecture, custom applications, copy, and graphic elements combined with an almost obsessive attention to detail.

Using everything from ASP to XML, our Web site designers create Web interface designs that integrate both brand recognition and information architecture.Our quality assurance process ensures that even if someone is looking at your Web site with Netscape® 4 on a Macintosh®, they'll see what you want them to see.

TechSfot,inc. employs following latest practices in user interface design to create effective Web sites, Flash designs and custom applications:

Graphic Tools / Scripting Languages/ Databases / Web Server

  • Photoshop, Paint Shop, Illustrator, Flash MX<, Fireworks MX
  • HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, Action Script, XML
  • SQL Server, Access, My SQL Oracle
  • Apache, Web Sphere, Windows NT
We thoroughly focus on your end user, exploring every navigation possibility. We identify visual elements, areas of focus, and the features that allow your users to easily travel through and manipulate the content. To ensure success, we gather and incorporate feedback from users throughout the design cycle, because in the end, the more positive we make your user's experience, the more successful your initiative will be.