TechCAD system is a highly functional, fast and reliable police dispatching system that tracks the activity of field personnel in real time. Unlike Tech Law Enforcement Records Management System (TechLERMS), which is designed to capture and categorize large amounts of detailed information, TechCAD system captures basic call information and helps dispatchers to manage the process of getting field resources sent to the call. TechCAD system utilizes various visual cues to show, at a glance, basic information concerning all field resources and pending activity. TechCAD system allows the dispatcher to records specific critical elements of information very quickly and in a very flexible way. Overall speed is mainatained so the dispatcher is never waiting for the computer, before being able to record more information.

TechCAD features include:

  • Highly functional and total flexibility
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Supports multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional dispatching
  • Complete dispatch solution fully integrated with RMS System
  • CAD data is transferred to RMS system seamlessly upon closing of the call
  • Detailed user management and function access
  • Built in powerful reports and analysis