For over 5 years, TechSoft, Inc. has been providing its clients with full service quality IT services and state-of-the-art products in a most cost-effective and timely manner.

We are proud to offer variety of fully integrated proven software products geared towards Texas cities and counties. Our products include Judicial Court System (TechCMS, a comprehensive court case management solution), Law Enforcement Record Management System (TechLERMS, a complete police RMS solution), Computer Aided Dispatch System (TechCAD, a highly functional police distpatching system), Jail Management Solution (TechJMS, an inmate management solution), Mobile Ticket Writing System (TechTicketWriter, and a complete e-citation system for police officers using a handheld or laptop computer).

Our other products include Property Management System (TechPMS, a Condominium Management Software) and Courier System (TechCS, a courier online order solution).Through our working experience with various Texas Judicial and Law Enforcement Agencies over the years, we understand the need of cost effective software solution that facilitate the increased workflow and staff efficiency. Our continued success has enabled the steady expansion of our customer base and product offerings.


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